Invite Peter de Leau for your event?

Customary Considerations: Peter de Leau accepts invitations as the Holy Spirit directs and will never use finances as criteria for accepting an engagement. To invite Peter de Leau to minister at your event submit your request to

Gods Blueprint for the Local Church is een powerful teaching/seminar from Peter de Leau for the local church. The teachings will be as follows:

  • The true defnition of the church
  • How to use the 3 major building blocks 
  • How to use the tools of the Spirit
  • Manifesting the gifts of the Spirit
  • The fivefold ministry
  • The right church model
  • The levels of authority within the local church
  • The eternal plan and will of God
  • How to launch cellgroup/connectgroup ministry
  • Activating the royal priesthood within the local church
  • The power of covenant
  • How to protect your church from the fifth colonne within the church