Welcome @ Emmanuel Ministries International

Emmanuel Ministries International is a ministry to support the local church through the uncompromised teachings of Gods Word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Peter de Leau is the founder of Emmanuel Ministries Int. and the Senior Pastor of the Emmanuel Church. He is the author of several books such as Maximized Church, Signs of the Endtimes  and many more. Peter de Leau  appears regularly on a Dutch Christian TV station called Family 7, and has a program called Emmanuel Channel at ShineStar.TV


Keesjan Valk, Staff member, President Emmanuel Foundation,
Excellent Teacher & Preacher of the Gospel.





Marc Koehl, Preacher, Teacher,  Staff Member, Multi Media, Business Ministry








Chesney Amanapunjo, Staff Member, Anointed Worship Leader, Songwriter, Musician.






A few friends & collegues in the ministry
Pastor Mutabele from Belgium, Pastor Leito from Amsterdam, Pst. Peter de Leau, Pastor Hofwijks from Amsterdam, Pastor Suli Kurulo from Fiji, James Davis, Chairman Global Church Network, Pastor David Mohan India, Pastor David Sobrepena Philippines, Pastor Leon Fontaine Canada, Apostle Edgar Holder Spijkenisse.